Gulp — The streaming build system

I've recently wrote a post about Bower, how to add and maintain your dependencies. In connection to that I though it would be obvious to write a follow-up on how to build and manage your dependencies — And for this I found Gulp to be a really awesome tool!

What is Gulp?

Gulp basically works a set of "tasks" which describe what to do with your dependencies once you've included them in your project (for example using Bower) ... Say you have a bunch of javascript files and that you would like to combine into one file — This could be one task in Gulp.

Another could be that you would like to minify the combined javascript file ... and the same could be true for your CSS files.

You might also want to move around files from a source- to production-destination, these kind of tasks can all be handled by Gulp through a single configuration file and executed by one single command!

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