Bower — A package manager for the web

A good package manager is an essential tool for any kind of (web) development today. I've recently written a post on Composer, the package manager for PHP and in connection to that I thought it would be pretty useful with a follow-up post on Bower.

What is Bower?

Like Composer, Bower is a package manager, a manager for handling your dependencies. And while you could use Composer for handling other dependencies than PHP components for your application, you would most likely consider using Bower for your non-PHP assets. Bower currently serves 19K+ packages from it's repository and is mostly focused on Javascript and CSS assets ... you'll find most of what you are searching for, be it simply JQuery or AngularTwitter BootstrapUnderscore or maybe Bourbon!

How it works

Bower uses a simple JSON formatted file, called bower.json, for letting you manage you dependencies.

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